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All artworks sold through are high quality, collectible works which are hand rendered and original.  Please feel free to further browse collections here.

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Artwork Listing: A – Z  (Click thumbnails to view larger Or visit our gallery pages to view collections)

ABUNDANT POSSESSIONS  Abundant Possessions (Original) [view larger] Au $ 830  Buy Now Using Paypal

Dragon's Daughter Dragon’s Daughter (Original) [view larger] Au $ 650  Buy Now Using Paypal

ELEVENTY LILLIES Eleventy Lillies (Original) [view larger] Au $ 390  Buy Now Using Paypal

Abstract: INDIA  India (Original) [view larger] Au $ 350  Buy Now Using Paypal

IMMORTAL EYE  Immortal Eye (Original) [view larger] Au $ 3,800  Buy Now Using Paypal

Kangaroo Paw: Flora Kangaroo Paw (Original) [view larger]  Au $ 125  Buy Now Using Paypal

JAVANESE DAUGHTER Javanese Daughter (Original) [view in gallery]  [SOLD]

Little Lulu; Laurikeet Little Lulu (Original) [view in gallery]  [SOLD]

Portrait: Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong (Original) [view largerAu $480  Buy Now Using Paypal

Maeve - Nude In Oil Maeve (Original) [view larger] Au $385  Buy Now Using Paypal

MATUKH: Wild African Elephant Matukh (Original) [view larger] Au $ 5,300  Buy Now Using Paypal

Nude: Mielikki Mielikki (Original) [view larger] Au $ 535   Buy Now Using Paypal

RUBBER PLANT & MOON Rubber Plant & Moon (Original)  [view in gallery] Au $ 85  Buy Now Using Paypal

RussiaBoots Original $5,300  Russia Boots (Original) [view larger] Au $5,300 Buy Now Using Paypal  

Portrait: Sir Roger Moore Sir Roger Moore (Original) [view larger] Au $ 1950  Buy Now Using Paypal Button

TANJA DHOW Tanja Dhow (Original) [view larger] Au $ 550  Buy Now Using Paypal Button

Portrait: Taureg Taureg (Original)  [view larger] Au $ 580  Buy Now Using Paypal 

TEMPTATION by TAHALA Temptation (Original) [view largerAu $3,800  Order / Reserve

THE DREAMING The Dreaming (Original) [view in gallery] [SOLD] 

TOKYO BY NIGHT [Original Au $1,600] Tokyo By Night (Original) [view larger] Au $1,600   Add to Cart

 VAN GOUGH DAFFODILS Van Gough Daffodils (Original) [view larger] Au $ 3,800   Buy Now


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