Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I Order A Print / Buy An Original Piece?

To purchase or place an order for a print please visit our Buy A Print Page and follow the instructions provided.

To purchase or place an order for an original artwork visit our Buy An Original page and follow the instructions provided.

If you have any problems or further queries please Contact Us.

Are all original artworks hand painted / hand drawn pieces?

All artworks are hand rendered and/or hand painted original works on canvas, wood, paper or card. No digital rendering or air-brushing is ever used on original works or prints taken from original works; each original artwork is a high quality, investment piece of collectible value.  Prints come bordered in black with the painting title and artist name printed in gold on the black border frame.  All Limited Edition Prints are numbered and signed by the artist.

Certificate Of Authenticity?

ALL Print and Original works purchased through Teazart Studios come with a Certificate Of Authenticity which is also signed by the artist.  This certificate lists the name of the original artwork, the artist’s name and original signature, date of purchase, place of purchase, purchase price and how many limited edition prints have been issued of the original artwork.  For print purchases the certificate of authenticity also lists the print edition number of the total prints released for that painting.

                      ORIGINALS                                             PRINTS

Certificate Of Authenticity    Cert. Of Authenticity - Prints

Are prints available on all artworks?

Prints will eventually become available on most pieces, but not all.   Limited Edition prints sometimes remain available after an original artwork has been sold if all editions of that print have not been sold.

What’s the difference between a Limited Edition Print and an ordinary print?

An ordinary print is mass produced, readily available and is able to be reprinted again and again, thus they are generally cost-effective to buy, however they have very little long-term ‘collectible’ value.

A Limited Edition Print (LEP) is whereby a restricted number of prints are made of an individual artwork and no further reproductions are ever made or made available at any point in the future, thus making them collectible items of future / investment value.  All Teazart Studio Limited Edition Prints are also numbered and individually signed by the artist.

No more than 50 prints of any Teazart Studio artworks are ever made.  In most cases Limited Edition printings run to 25 prints only and in some cases as few as ten only Limited Edition prints are made available.  The total number of available and over-all number printed will be shown in the details under the original and print versions.

Are all your prints Limited Editions?

All prints are Limited Editions unless otherwise specified. All Limited Edition Prints are numbered and individually signed by the artist. All reproductions are professionally printed in full, vivid colour on 300 gsm white bond paper. Lamination of any print is available on request and comes at no extra charge. (This is not recommended if purchasing limited edition prints as a collector, as a gift or as an investment piece.)

How Much does a print cost?

Print Sizes & Pricing:

A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) $105.00

A3 (297 mm x 420 mm) $135.00

All art prints come bordered in black.  The Actual Image size on prints appears smaller than the overall print size.

Print Sizing Sample

What are your Payment Options:

Our preferred payment options are Paypal or Credit Card (which will be processed via Paypal), as our emailed invoices are generated using Paypal.  However we also accept Bank Cheque, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Cash.  Simply let us know what your preferred payment option is.

I don’t like paying for anything online; will you sell offline?

We have no problem whatsoever with making sales or dealing with customers who wish to complete a purchase completely ‘offline’.  We accept all of the above outlined payment options and can generate you a regular, old-fashioned, paper invoice and send it to you in the post.  We can also ring you if you’d like to discuss anything further the old-fashioned way – just email us your telephone number, let us know your query and we’ll take it from there.

How long may I reserve a painting or print for?

We will reserve any piece for up to 14 days. A 14 day invoice will be forwarded to you as confirmation of your reservation.  If you need longer than this our Lay-bye option may be more suited to you.

Can I Request An Invoice?

If you are interested in a particular artwork (or print) and would like to request a seven to 28 day invoice, please email us or utilise the order forms provided on each page. A Paypal (or regular) Invoice will be generated for you. Your artwork will be reserved for you for the length of the invoice.

What if I cannot pay within the time of the invoice provided?

We understand times get tough and unexpected things almost always happen at the worst possible time!  Just let us know and we can certainly make a new arrangement with you and extend the time of your invoice.  Our Lay-bye option will likely better suit your needs!

What is Lay-Bye?

If paying off an original or print makes life easier for you, you may like to take advantage of a lay-bye system. Lay-bye is a way of ‘paying off’ your order via pre-arranged weekly or fortnightly payments.  When you place your order, let us know you would like to ‘Lay-bye’ it and we’ll contact you to work out a personal lay-bye plan that suits your budget and time-frame.

What are your lay-bye terms?

Lay-bye terms are by individual arrangement, depending upon your budget and preferred frequency of payment; i.e. weekly / fortnightly. All lay-bye arrangements are made on an individual, client by client, order by order basis.  We will chat with you about an arrangement that suits you after we’ve received your order.

Your artwork will be reserved while-ever the agreed-to regular payments are made.  Delivery of your order will take place immediately upon clearance of final payment.

Is your lay-bye option available on prints as well as original works?  

The lay-bye option is there to help all our clients, so yes, it most certainly is available on prints.  Just tick the ‘I want to lay-bye this order’ box, or let us know in your email order and we’ll follow-up it up with you.

How long does it take for funds to clear to your account?

Paypal / Credit Card / Funds Transfer: If paying via Paypal or other electronic means please allow up to four days for confirmation of funds clearance.

Cheque / Money Order: If paying via cheque please allow time for funds clearance and postage.

Cash: If paying by cash please allow for postage time. It is advisable to utilise registered/tracking post of some form if sending cash through the post!

Shipping Fees?

We offer free worldwide shipping on all prints and original artworks.

All original artworks and prints will be insured and delivered using registered Australia Post.  An email outlining freight, insurance and tracking details will be provided directly that your item is shipped.  All original artworks and prints will be freighted immediately upon full and complete clearance of payment.

By insuring your package we guarantee, to the best of our ability, safe delivery of your item to your chosen destination.  Please check the contents of your package immediately that you sign for it.  If something untoward should have occurred and the contents of your package arrive damaged or in a less than satisfactory condition please inform your delivery person immediately and contact us!  We will ensure you are provided with a full replacement or refund.


If you’ve any further queries or concerns at all please visit our Contact Page and utilise the contact form provided or email teazartstudios@outlook.com



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